Dick Cosmano & Mary Spano WEDDING

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Dick Cosmano And Mary (Spano) Cosmano Wedding Picture with the Wedding Party.
The picture was provided by Frannie (Cosmano) Dimino. Frannie is the daughter of Dick and Mary. Frannie has two siblings Josephine (Dolly) and James (Jim) Cosmano.
The Sir names in the picture include Cosmano, Mazzara, Saprano, Spano,Dimino,Borelli,Papa, and Green (really) hmmmmm. If anyone can name the two unknowns in the photo drop me a note.
at Studio, Rochester, NY USA


Judith Cartisano Frank and Frannie--I've never seena a photo of Aunt Anna at such a young age! She was beautiful. I love this photo, but don't know who the unknowns are.
Mar 06, 2006 · Reply
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