Dick Kalal Arizona family photo
Joanne Kalal-McGuire

Dick Kalal

A photo of Dick Kalal, 1928 - 2008 · Yuma, Arizona.

About Dick Kalal

My dad wore many hats while I was growing up; Bar/Restraunt owner - Gas Station owner - Hotel owner Likeness of Mayor and/or Sheriff - Medic - Carpenter, and many many more but with all that he always had going on he always had time to be my dad. I hope that when I am gone that I will be remembered so kindly by so many people as he will always be remembered. His generosity towards others and his love for his family was undeniable and I will strive to be as giving as he was. ...more info

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Mariana Trenchette I just wanted to comment that I think Mr. Kalal was a very handsome man.
Reply posted Apr 13, 2013 2:17 pm