Dionizy Maslinski (1880-) Maslinski family photo
Karol Maslinski

Dionizy Maslinski (1880-)

Dionizy Maslinski, born 1880, of New York.

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Dionizy Maslinski was born in Parzeczew, Poland (in the ancient Russian annexed territory). Born in 10 June 1880 (according to the former Julian calendar - 29 May 1880). Dionizy was a son of Jan's Maslinski shoemaker and terrestrial (was 50 years old in the moment of giving birth to him) and Mariannas from Soltyszewski (46). Franciszek Swiderski and Marianna Gosinska were his godmothers.

In May 1909 along with the wife and from first daughter Irena (1909) emigrated to New York, United States of America. His wife was Zofia (Sophie) from the maiden name Rajkowska, given birth in 1889 (towns of Gostkow). Spouses had an own bakery in the Wartkowice town (former Bartkowice name). In 1910 the second daughter of Dionizy and Zofia was born, was called Mary. Spouses at first lived on the Manhattan, later (about 1930) moved home which Dionizy managed. They lived under 31-62 38th street, Astoria, Queens, NY.
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Photo taken at Parzeczew/New York, USA
Dionizy Maslinski (1880-)

Dionizy Maslinski

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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