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at John Loyd Gibson home, Pulaski, Arkansas


Sheri Thurman I would like more information on the photo. Edward H. Tarwater is my great great grandfather. He was married to Rebecca Ann Thompson. We have heard of the walking preacher all growing up. any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Sheri Thurman
Mar 04, 2005 · Reply
Sue Bodishbaugh I have the tiny original, owned by Pearl and passed down thru 4 generations. A letter from a man in Missouri told of his grandparents' info to him as a young child, of Dr. Flying Cloud passing thru, staying w/them for a time, preaching, that his plains style headdress came from Sitting Bull while he was at Big Horn, and Flying Cloud was then abt 4-yo. One day, as his norm, he took his Bible and walked on down the road. He was an old man by then and the headdress much worn and tattered. Last I have been able to track him. Family stories from Uncle James that he visited and ate w/the Dreher fam in McCurtain Co, OK regularly. Relative of the Thomas clan there, and husband's ggrandmother, Mary Frances Thomas [Mrs. George Dreher].
Mar 06, 2005 · Reply
Lee BabbittJr I would Love to Hear more & Comunicate,Iheard,walkingCloud in WVA & VA, Lee ,, [contact link]
Sep 09, 2008 · Reply
Marcia Lynn where in wva? this is very interesting......thank you
Sep 10, 2008 · Reply
Janice Flick Ramsey Edward H Tarwater is my Great Grandfather and nephew of this Edward H Tarwater. Our family calls them Old Ed and Edward Hosie. Old Ed is buried down by McAlister Ok. Will try and find pics of Graves.
Jun 07, 2015 · Reply
Kathy Blassingame This is my gr grandfather Edward hose Tarwater uncle. My Edward was probably named after him. Mine married Kate Caroline Tanner. Any additional information would be great.
Jun 07, 2015 · Reply
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