Dodsons Dodson family photo
Christy Allender


The top two women are Sally and Lula Dodson, maiden names unknown, they (I believe),Lula was married to Jim Dodson son of William S. Dodson. Sally was married to John Dodson, son of William. The picture of the man in the middle I think maybe Clate Dodson? The others are unknown. Any help with the identity's of any of these people would be so,so greatlyl appreciated!!
Thank You, Christy [contact link]
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My husband has Dodson on his mother side, not sure if there is any realation to any of your relatives. Could you dend me any further information on the decendents to see if there is any relation or not.
Debra ([contact link])
Aug 30, 2008 6:53 pm reply
My grgrandfather was Foreman Manon Dodson, born in Potosi Missouri abt 1846,he did have a son named william, other sons Theodore, Thomas,Franklin,Samuel,Noah Lewis,daughters Sarah Brizzela, Purly, Cindy. If you recognize any of these names please contact me. Thank You.
[contact link] 10/21/2009
Oct 21, 2009 3:30 pm reply
Photo taken at Rhea County Tennessee Rhea County, Tennessee USA