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Actress Dolores Costello and an adorable little puppy.

Dolores Costello was a silent screen star known as "The Goddess of the Silent Screen". She was born in 1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to an actor and an actress and began her acting career as a child. From 1928 - 1935, she was married to actor John Barrymore and Drew Barrymore is her grandaughter. That's a lot of acting in one family!

Dolores Costello died in California in 1979 at the age of 75.
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Kathy Pinna Dolores Costello was a silent screen film star who is the grandmother of Drew Barrymore. It looks like Dolores was a great beauty as well!
Aug 25, 2011 · Reply
Daniel Pinna Drew Barrymore's grandmother? I didn't know how long Drew Barrymore's family had been in entertainment.
Aug 28, 2011 · Reply
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