Dominion Of Canada Jean-Baptist Lavallee Lavallee family photo
Jenny Gaudry

Dominion Of Canada Jean-Baptist Lavallee

(Dominion Of Canada.)
This is Document #2 Which my Great Grandfather Jean-Baptiste Lavallee Son Of G.G.Grandfather Ignace Joseph Lavallee and G.G,Grandmother Josephete Cree (Cree Indian Maiden ). This Declaration Of Oath Stating he was A Half Breed, and he did not make any Claims in any other Parish,in said County, nor had he claimed or received, as an Indian my annuity money's from the Goverment of said Dominion.
Great Grandfather Jean-Baptiste Lavallee, from what I've seen,In accordance to these declarations, had an interpreter, As he did not speech Any English and maybe also French. In this Document it Also states All this was explained to him in the Cree lauguage. For anyone that reads these documents, could someone contact me at [contact link] Winnipeg ,Manitoba Canada.
I feel this is very important to all the his decendance.
I'll look forward to speaking with anyone who also has come across theses same documents.
Jenny Lavallee Gaudry
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please contact me i have been searching for my family history and you seen to have the same information as me.i have all the same information as you
Jul 19, 2009 10:25 am reply
parent are albert and helga lavallee. from lundar.mb im their daughter
Jul 19, 2009 10:28 am reply
Jul 19, 2009 10:44 am reply
Photo taken at Jean-Baptist Lavallee Marquette East, Wisconsin USA on