Don Carpenter & Herman Leffew Carpenter family photo
Michele Higdon

Don Carpenter & Herman Leffew

Writing on back of photo says Don Carpenter (Ill) "TAIL GUNNER" and Herman Leffew. Herman served in the Army Air Force and was MIA.

About Herman Leffew

Nicknamed "Coley", Herman was the younger of two sons born to Leonard Leffew and Ethel Riley Leffew. The family lived at Indianapolis, IN. Herman's older brother was named Maurice. ...more info

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Donna Carpenter Lanoue Am of the Carpenter's from AL, William Bailey Carpenter and Savannah Donaldson, any relation that your aware?
Reply posted Nov 23, 2003 5:54 pm
NancyLee Garrett This is a wonderful photo. Herman (who my mother called "Coley" for some reason unknown to me)was one of my mother's many nephews - but was a favorite of hers. She kept a number of letters tied in ribbon that he had sent her prior to being lost in action. Herman and I are first cousins, though he was old enough to be my dad.

Nancy Lee Garrett
Reply posted Dec 26, 2004 4:10 pm
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