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Taken at U.S. Capitol, District of Columbia, Washington United States of America on .

William David Upshaw served as vice-president of the Georgia Anti-Saloon league in 1906 and served in Congress from 1919 through 1927. A member of the temperance movement, William Upshaw earned his nickname as the "driest of the drys". Of course, this is in reference to his firm beliefs that alcohol should be banned by the government.

In this image taken on April 20th, 1926, Georgia Representative William D. Upshaw is standing on the railing holding an umbrella over the dome of the U.S. Capitol, demonstrating his efforts to keep the United States dry of alcohol. Notice the crutch that William used for 66 years of his life which was the result of an injury he had at 18 years old when he fell on the crosspiece of a hay wagon and fractured his spine.

William David Upshaw was born October 15th, 1866 and died on November 21st, 1952.

[Representative William D. Upshaw of Georgia, a leader of the drys, standing on railing with crutch and holding umbrella, with dome of the U.S. Capitol under the umbrella
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