Eagan Family 1958 Morrison family photo
Deborah Stevens

Eagan Family 1958

The Eagan family in 1958 in Arizona.
L-R Cristie Eagan, Clifford Morrison, Beverly Eagan, Archie Beryl Eagan, Deborah Eagan and Shelley Eagan. The car is Cliffy's Henry J by Kaiser Corporation, once offered in Sears Roebuck Catalog.

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Eagan Family 1958

Shelley Hope Eagan

Born: May 27, 1950 in Sioux City, IA
Died: Jan 7, 2003 (age 52) in AZ
Also in this photo: Shelley Hope Eagan at 8 years old  ·  Cristie Ann Eagan at 8 years old  ·  Deborah Eagan  ·  Archie B Eagan at 38 years old  ·  Beverly H Scobell  ·  Clifford William Morrison at 63 years old