Edith Binah Franzblau Family, Poland

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Edit(h) Binah Franzblau with my grandfather's brothers (maybe Josef and Moshe) and I assume the wife of one of his brothers.

My paternal grandfather Avraham (Charles) Vikser was the only one of his family to leave Vielpole (Wielopole) Poland. His family had a small trading post type farm/store (tobacco, milk, goods). He escaped on a horse when the Polish Army came to recruit the Jews to the front lines. His family refused to leave their village until one day the Nazis came and just machine-gunned them right there in the street. This is the only photo I know of that my grandfather had. It is his mother (seated) who is the mother in this picture: Edit(h) Binah Franzblau.
in Vielopole (Wielopole), Poland


Brette Vikser I did not post this on my facebook! I really don't dig it when this happens. I guess you really have to be careful what you do because it seems like it automatically gets posted to facebook. What a violation!
Aug 11, 2012 · Reply
Daniel Pinna Hi Brette - someone downloaded this photo and added it to facebook? That's exactly the reason we added watermarks, so that the original owner of the photo can be contacted.
Aug 14, 2012 · Reply
Daniel Pinna ps - excellent photo!
Aug 14, 2012 · Reply
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