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Natalia Unknown I posted this photo on my blog and had a comment from an "MI" about it that said that this photo "is of my grandparents. The boy and girl seated are my dad (Merle) and his twin sister (Pearl). Standing in the back are my uncles l-r, Max, Wayne, Archie, Louis Jr." Merle later married someone surnamed Skoruppa. MI has not commented here so I thought I would post the information he or she shared.
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Tom Isaacks Isaacks family photo

The Isaacks Family... The year taken was 1944-45. Top role, left to right is Thomas(Max),Wayne, Gaylon (not Archie) and Louis(Edward). All the brothers in Navy suites had come home from the war. My father is Thomas Max Isaacks,My Grandfather Louis Edward Isaacks (bottom role)was in WW1 , also in the Navy! Any questions contact me at [contact link]. Thanks Tom
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Tom Isaacks To the right (bottom) are grandparents Emma Orlena Kathern and Louis Edward Isaacks Sr.
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Tom Isaacks Grandparents are Emma Kathern Orlena Bast and Louis Edward Isaacks Sr.
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