Elbert Homer Ramey born 1897? near Bristol, Va

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This is my grandfather Elbert Homer Ramey. I am looking for his parents and family. Elbert Homer or E.H. Ramey said he was born in Benham, Virginia near Bristol, Va. He also said that his father's name was Charles Ramey and that his mother's name was Martha Carter. He also said that he was orphaned as a young boy and raised by an uncle in Pike Co., Kentucky. E.H. had a half-brother named Melvin Oliver Ramey and a half-sister named Frances Victoria Ramey (Fanny). We know that E.H. Ramey fought in World War 1 and received a purple heart. He then married Dorothy Shannon and lived in Wayne Co., Indiana for many years where they had four children including my mother. Elbert Homer Ramey worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for many years as a brakeman and as a conductor. He died in 1958 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Does anyone know who his parents or other family were or do they have any clues? I can't seem to connect him anywhere.


JoAnn McDonald There is extensive Ramey Family on line in Harrison, Grant and Pendleton Counties, KY. Google Pendleton County Kentucky and they have a wonderful website of genealogy. The "Baron Papers" has info. This was a lawyer named Barton that lived in Pendleton County and did extensive research on families that came there from Virginia. My great grandmother was JoAnn Ramey daughter of Sinnett Ramey and Keturah Thompson. Ramey's had a lot of kids. You might try Googling "Ramey and Carter" or check marriage records for Carter and Ramey.
Good luck. Let me know if you find something.
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