Elic and Sarah Hicks Wallace Family Smith family photo
Susan Mckinney

Elic and Sarah Hicks Wallace Family

This photo was taken with a brownie Camera by Frances Fisher Wallace who was married to Sylvon Wallace. This is the only picture of the whole family together that is known to this date. 02. The Wallace family lived in the Morehead Ky area on Pretty Ridge. Today Elick, Sarah, Melvin, Chalmer, Alberta, and William are not living. Back Row: Elick,Sarah holding Lloyd, Chester, Bessie, Chalmer,Alberta. in front of Chester are Homer william and Margaret. In front of Alberta is Barbara. Melvin kneeling on left, Sylvon on right. ... show more

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Bessie Webb is also dead now.
Aug 19, 2008 1:54 pm reply
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Elic and Sarah Hicks Wallace Family

Elick Wallace

Born: Apr 4, 1905
Died: unknown