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Elizabeth English
1798 - 12/25/1888
(Shown at age 87)
Elizabeth English was born about 1798 in a town near the Okmulgee River, GA and died on 12/25/1888 in Dale County, AL. She was 90 years old.

She was Creek Indian. Elizabeth's Creek name was Nvhokv and pronounced (Nahoga / Nuh-ho-quh). She is listed on the Eastern Creek rolls as number #11147.

One story passed down to her great, great, grand-children says Elizabeth was separated from her people as a very young child during an annual, multi-village fishing event. When she was discovered alone in the woods by whites, she was taken in and raised by the English family. She married a half-Indian and the town where she lived named a special day after her.

When the Civil War begins in 1861, all six of her sons enlist in the Confederate Army and her husband dies in August of the same year.
at at home, Genevia, Alabama USA


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