Elizabeth M Stelzner, 1970 Stelzner family photo
Pattie Roberts

Elizabeth M Stelzner, 1970

This is my great great grand mother Elizabeth M Stelzner. She was born in Germany in 1879. Her mother was Dorothea. She lived to be 102 years old

About Elizabeth M Stelzner

I don't know much about Great grand mother, except that my dad always remember her singing cjristmas carols to them in german. I do know that she came here from Germany with several brothers and sisters and their mother dorothey also known as Dora, I am trying to find her father, Mr. stelzner and where they were born in germany. ...more info

The Mystery

I am trying to find her father Mr Stelzner and her mothers maiden name any help you can provide will be most greatful. Thanks Pattie

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Elizabeth M Stelzner, 1970

Elizabeth M Stelzner

Born: 1879 in Germany
Died: 1982 (age 103)
Cause: Old age

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