Ellen Mariah Cady Stafford and daughters

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Bottom row: Ellen Mariah Cady Stafford Withey McKay born 23 Oct 1847, Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA. Died 08 Mar 1914, Alpena, Alpena Co., Michigan. Married 3 timers to Samuel E. Stafford, Joseph S. Withey, and Thomas McKay.

Middle row left to right:
Lydia Alice Elizabeth Stafford born 06 Jun 1874, Harrisville, Alcona Co., Michigan died 19 Apr 1939, Michigan. Married to Arthur William Derby.
Ella Luella Ellen Eleanor Sarah Jane Stafford born 23 Feb 1870,Harrisville, Alcona, Michigan, died 18 Apr 1913, Alpena, Alpena Co., Michigan. Married to Albert E. McDonell
Top row:
Lucy Ann Deborah Withey, born 04 Apr 1883, Harrisville, Alcona Co., Michigan. Died 09 Oct 1966, Michigan. Married to James Fredrick Collins
at Alpena County, Alpena, Michigan USA


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