Elmer Almore Fleming family photo
WilmaFleming Haynes

Elmer Almore

Elmer Almore called Al FLEMING
great uncle, his wife Grace
Elly (DARLING) Fleming and his
mother [my gr gm] Mary Jane
(HOLLIS) FLEMING. Baby could
be Arthur b 1898.

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Photo taken at Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraska USA on
Elmer Almore

Elmer aka Almore called AL FLEMING

Born: Mar 27, 1864
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Elmer aka Almore called AL FLEMING at 34 years old  ·  Grace Elly (DARLING) FLEMING at 23 years old  ·  Mary Jane (HOLLIS) FLEMING at 52 years old  ·  Arthur [the baby] FLEMING at 1 years old