Emanuel & Mary (Hursey) Fink, 1884 Fink family photo
Ty Fink

Emanuel & Mary (Hursey) Fink, 1884

This is a photo of Emanuel FINK, (1862-1888), wife Mary (HURSEY) FINK, (1862-1926), and a leaf from the olive tree Emanuel was standing under when he was tragically struck by lightning and killed at age 25. His three sons were Cleo, Spencer, and Jesse Fink.

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Emanuel & Mary (Hursey) Fink, 1884

Emanuel Fink

Born: Sep 3, 1862
Died: 1888 (age 25)
Also in this photo: Emanuel Fink at 22 years old  ·  Mary (Hursey) Fink at 22 years old