Emerson Schreyer In rickshaw Schreyer family photo
Diana Verbeeck

Emerson Schreyer In rickshaw

A photo of Emerson Schreyer in a rickshaw or wagon.

About Emerson Schreyer

emerson, my father, was a very good dad. He was funny, smart, caring, fun. He loved camping and working on cars and taught us 5 children a lot of useful knowlege and good morals. His work ethic was impressive. He always said he was a jack of all trades and master of none, yet he built his own house and a strong house it was.! he kept his mind alert and his humor quick and loved entertaining his grandkids with jokes. :) He was loved by us all and is forever in our hearts and memory. His unexpected passing of DVT in his leg was very sad and we know he is watching over us all still. ...more info

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