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This is Emma Lou Briggs, b. Mar 3 1892; d. Apr 26 1967 in Muskogee, Ok. 1st. husband was Martin J. McAlpine from Holyoke, Ma. They married in Star, Alabama. One daughter, Patricia b. Dec 19 1931. Patricia married Henry (Hank) Adams Sept 4 1954. Emma Lou's Marriage #2 to unknown. Two sons, Oscar and Grant. I am looking for any member of the Briggs family to add their info to my Public Family Tree at [external link] or [external link]. Public Family Tree is listed as: "Bissonnette-Christian-Brown-McAlpine-Barr-Wadsworth-Holden-Tiger-Root-Oatkey-Atkins-Nave-Branchcomb-Nichols-Walz-Gelinas-Vann." Owner of Tree is: [contact link]. Would also like to find anyone who had relatives that went to the "Eufaula Boarding School," a Government run Boarding school for Indian Girls around the Sapulpa, Oklahoma area in the 1900's. Would like to find decendants of Oscar and Grant ? to fill in gaps in Family History. It's possible they also were born in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Mother: Emma Lou Briggs - Father: unknown. They are a few years younger than Patricia McAlpine who would be 76 this coming Dec. 19, 2007, if still alive. Patricia's last know address was Muskogee, Oklahoma and then Houston, Texas.
at Muskogee, Creek, Oklahoma USA


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