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Emma Sansom (1847 AL - 1900 TX) was child of Micajah Cades Sansom & Permelia Barfield Vann. She married Christopher B. Johnson.

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April 1863 Gen. Abel Streight leads Union raid across North Alabama. Emma Sansom helps Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest cross Black Creek (near present-day Gadsden) to pursue federal raiders.

The daughter of Micajah Cades Sansom (22 Feb 1792 NC - 24 Dec 1859 Gadsen, Cherokee Co., AL) and Permelia Barfield Vann (11 Nov 1802 Burke Co., GA - 13 May 1895 Calloway, Upshure Co., TX), Emma was b. 02 Jun 1847 in Alabama and d. 9 Aug 1900 in Upshur Co., Texas. The family moved from Walton Co., Ga. to Murray Co., Ga. and then to Gadsden, Ala. In 1859 on Christmas Eve, Emma's father died. All of her brothers were Civil War soldiers, and born in Walton Co., Ga. Emma and many of her siblings moved to Upshur Co., Texas in the 1870's. She married Christopher Bullard Johnson (12 Dec 1832 Independence, Jackson, MO - 27 May 1887 Little Mound, Upshur, TX) in Oct 1864. Issue: Mattie Forrest, Joe Bivins, Thomas Cooper, Edward Can Smith, Chester Lucy, Benjamin Cain, Mercer Meeks. Burial - Little Mound, Gilmer, Upshur Co., Texas.

Civil War Folk Figure. At age 16, on May 2, 1863, union soldiers burned a bridge near her family home in order to flee confederate soldiers. Emma rode with Rebel Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest showing him a way for his men to cross the river. In Gadsden, Alabama there is a monument to her memory, as well as a park and a school named after her. A historical marker at the Gilmer, Texas courthouse lawn honors her as the 'Sunbonnet Heroine' of East Texas. She had simultaneous services in Ga., Texas and Alabama honoring her this year. "Ride to Glory" by Richard Cooper (Raleigh, NC: Creative Productions, 1987).

"Ride to Glory" by Richard Cooper (Raleigh, NC : Creative Productions, 1987)
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