Evelyn (Ramage) McCarthy family, 1962 Mccarthy family photo
Bill Ramage

Evelyn (Ramage) McCarthy family, 1962

Our sister Evelyn's (Evelyn (Ramage) McCarthy) family. Jim McCarthy served in the Army from about 1940 to retirement. He served in North Africa and Italy and again in Korea. He was a good guy and it is a nice family. I don't know where the picture was taken, but it may have been taken in a studio.

In this picture: James McCarthy, Michael McCarthy, Evelyn Ramage McCarthy, Robert Ramage, Patricia McCarthy, James Anthony McCarthy, William McCarthy, Kathleen McCarthy, and Mary Ann McCarthy.
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Photo taken at USA
Evelyn (Ramage) McCarthy family, 1962

Michael McCarthy

Born: Feb 2, 1893
Died: unknown