Ever adorable Grandma (nee Gruber) Pelzer

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This is my great grandma Anna (nee Gruber) Pelzer, mother of my grandmother, Anna (nee Pelzer) Eppinger. The elder Anna was married to Lawrence Pelzer, both from Germany, and had Anna who later married my grandfather, Ira G. Eppinger, SR. who thankfully had my daddy, Ira G. Eppinger, JR. As my daddy boasts, cute little grandma Gruber-Pelzer made the best strudel in the land, but my sister, Carol has recreated her's, and it's deeeeeeeeeee-licious!!!
in Chicago, Illinois USA


Marilou Trask-Curtin Dear Linda: After an extensive search I am so happy to find you here on this site. I have been in recent contact with several people/organizations in Chicago re: a book and/or screenplay project I am working on that includes your family. I am particulary intersted in Anna Pelzer Eppinger's sister, Marie, who was married to a man surname Mancel. I also must tell you that I am a published author/screenwriter/playwright. I am now working on a project about Marie Pelzer's old sweetheart Detective James J. Caplis of the Chicago Police Dept who was shot on Dec 21, 1931 at a holdup at the Beach View Garden Cafe in Chicago. Very interested in any photos of Marie, personal information, letters, etc. I also have other information on Annie and Pelzer family members if you would like it. My email address is [contact link] and I have a website at [external link] -- phone number here in New York is 607-432-8145. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to give to me on this project the proceeds of which will go to benefit the Chicago Police Department in Detective Caplis' name. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Marilou Trask-Curtin
Mar 11, 2012 · Reply
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