Family Gathering Leveque family photo
Vicente Santana

Family Gathering

Row 1 (Left to Right):Evelyne (Leveque) Kidwell, Richard Barton Leavens, Josephine P (Kuykendall) Leveque, (On Lap) Shirley Ann (Leavens) Santana, Eugene Raymond Leavens, James Kuykendall, James Polk Knox Kuykendall (?), Albert Georges Henri Leveque, Unknown, Unknown
Row 2 (Left to Right): FlorenceMattie (Bateman) Leveque, Unknown, Unknown, Mary Blanche (Leveque) Leavens, the rest Unknown
Row 3 (Left to Right): All Unknown

Shirley, Eugene and Richard Leavens are the children of Mary Blanche (Leveque) Leavens and Frank Barton Leavens.

Evelyn Leveque is the daughter of Florence Mattie (Bateman) Leveque and George Raymond Leveque.

Blanche Leavens is the daughter of Josephine and Albert Leveque, Florence Leveque is their Daughter-in-law.
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Photo taken at Leveque Farm Roscoe, Los Angeles, California USA on