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This photo was taken approx. 1857 to 1859. It includes our Great grandfather, our great, great, grandfather and our 3 times great grandfather. Quite confusing!

From left to right are:

Anniss Arabella nee Morley (born) Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Our great, great Grandmother

Annis Ann (born) 1853, Greenich, Kent

Henry (born) 8 November, 1789. Soham, Cambridgeshire, England
Our 3 times great Grandfather

George William (born) 18 April, 1845. RN Vitual Yard, Greenich, Kent
Our great Grandfather

Maria Eliza Jane (Born) 1857 0r 1858. Rotherhithe, Surrey

George Ginn (born)1822. Richmond, Surrey, England
Our great, great Grandfather

Alfred Durant (born) 1856. Deptford, Kent
in United Kingdom


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