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Ronald Wirth Walter Lowrie was my grandfather,Effie Lowrie was his sister, I beleive they are connected to the Henrys, and Emery families,Williamsons rkwirth
Apr 29, 2009 · Reply
Ronald Wirth Walter j. Lowrie was born in Iowa,1876. Effie his sister was born in 1877. I beleive this picture to be taken aaround 1897, making Walter j Lowrie 21
and Effie 20 years old
Aug 10, 2009 · Reply
H. Moser Walter & Effie: Father WB Lowry/Lowrey/Lowrie
Their Mother: Martha 'Mattie Newby Lowry/Lowrey

Please advise as to cousin connedtion, which one?
Jan 10, 2010 · Reply
H. Moser Effie Gertrude played the organ at the Methodist church. Her fathers brother (Walter Lowry) owned property in Fairbury, he was killed on duty as a fireman, in Omaha. 1880. Are the emery family connected with a Lowry/Lowrey/Lowrie?
Jan 10, 2010 · Reply
Ronald Wirth To Hallan please e -mail me at [contact link],Aunt Effies daughters Mildred and Laura were my Aunts, they married two brothers,of my father Merritt Wirth,My mother was
Nellie E lowrie, Walter and Huldas Daughter.William B. Lowrie was in the Civil War, lived in Mehaska Kansas, and later had a farm just over the Nebraska State Line.I may also have
another contact for you RKWirth
Mar 08, 2010 · Reply
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