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This was taken at a reunion of John B. and Margaret Jones Christopher who immigrated from Canada to US (1882). These are decendants of John and Margaret's Children. From left to right are John L. Christopher, his wife Nell, Betty wife of Lloyd Kidder. Lloyd is a decendant of Hannah Christopher b. abt 1873 New Brunswick Canada
Census - 1881 Canadian Census
3. John B. CHRISTOPHER - 1881 Canadian Census / New Brunswick
Gender: Male Birth: New Brunswick

Matches: Census/1881 Canadian Census

Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

John B. CHRISTOPHER M Male English 40 New Brunswick Mill Man C. Baptist
Margaret CHRISTOPHER M Female English 35 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Charles CHRISTOPHER Male English 16 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Ida CHRISTOPHER Female English 14 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Etta CHRISTOPHER Female English 12 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Mary CHRISTOPHER Female English 10 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Hannah CHRISTOPHER Female English 8 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Frank CHRISTOPHER Male English 6 New Brunswick C. Baptist
Gussy CHRISTOPHER Female English 4 New Brunswick
Edna CHRISTOPHER Female English 2 New Brunswick
at Christopher, Lake Charles, Louisiana


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