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Right half of photo preceding this. Apologize for the quality. A 1980s photocopy of a photo given to me by my Uncle Bill {William Rogers Henry, Warner Robins, GA), of part of his wife's line, whose descendants were current friends of my daughter and grandchildren. L-R on this right side are: James Marvin, Albert J. or T., and Mary E. Farnbach. My memory from Uncle Bill is there were many more children but this is the only photo he had located at the time. In the 1990s, a kind descendant and the current property owner, allowed us to tour the old family homestead, with great caution. It was even then, falling apart, but a spacious and wonderful home built to comfortably raise a large family. The kitchen area Mr. F built his wife encompassed the entire back portion of the house in a bay-window effect, with all the exterior walls of glass windows, giving the appearance of dining in the outdoors or a greenhouse. The floor was of hand-made red brick. The appliances and cooking needs were encased on a long counter opposite the windows, across from the dining table, grouped together and with many energy-efficient thoughts far-ahead of his time to the needs of a woman cooking for a large, hungry family. What a thoughtful, kind man and a kitchen to dream of even today.
at Boardman/Evansville, Marion Co, Florida USA


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