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The photographers, A & G Taylor, had an office on Bank St., Carlisle from 1893
to 1903, dating the photo. Found in Scott/Ferguson album.

Mystery: I hope someone can identify this man and his daughter. Agnes Ferguson married James Bristol Scott in Ontario Canada in 1893, but their only daughter (who would have been the right age for this photo) didn't travel to Scotland until she was married. Not only that, it doesn't look like her (we have some several photos of
her as a child of the same age). Agnes Ferguson was an only child.

Agnes Ferguson's father was Alexander Ferguson, from Penpont, Scotland. Siblings are unknown for him. Her mother was Elizabeth Hastings, from Dumfries, Scotland. She had one known brother, David Hastings.


Quentin Smith Woops! I see the photo was by "Photographer to the Queen"
Jun 21, 2009 · Reply
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