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Photo rescued from antique store in Oregon, summer 2014. This is a cropped and edited version. The mat has some corners torn and there is a lot of yellowing and some spots. Also some spots on the photo - removed here in this digital version. The photographer is E. J. Sprauer of Louisville, Kentucky. He was at the address listed on the photo's mat only for 1906 as far as I can tell from researching online. Photographers use to move around and switch studios frequently, so an old portrait can be dated by researching when the photographer was at that address (if one is available).
at E. J. Sprauer Photography, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY


Patti Hutterli There was no other identifying information on the front or back of the portrait.
Aug 04, 2014 · Reply
Patti Hutterli Hmm ... looks like rosary beads that he has - so possibly this First Communion picture is from a Catholic church in Louisville. Will have to check and see if I can contact any of the Catholic churches there about this photo. :)
Aug 04, 2014 · Reply
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