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I have an newspaper article about a Charles Wetzel. Here is a quote from the
"He calls the sunfish Blue Bream, but they are sunfish, nevertheless.

Some of his close friends have let the story go abroad that, after catching an ash can full of sunfish from nearby creeks and ponds, and releasing them in his own private ponds,(In Ritter Hill) he sits in the very early morning hours with a pinhook and line and fishes them out all over again.
One catch in a Wayne county pond recently, with hook and line, he said netted him and his companion, Dr. M. B. Moore, about 500 blue bream."

Mystery: This photo is also from Anna Wetzels photo album. If this is Charles b/ 1885 then it could be her brother/half brother or ? Another article said Charles was secretary to the Jackson Savings & Loan Company.
in West Virginia


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