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Floyd Alvin Wile

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About Floyd Alvin Wile

Floyd Alvin Wile was born April 17, 1919, in Scotch Village, Nova Scotia. His parents were Harris Wile and his wife Annabelle. After school, he worked as a farm hand and in timber; in 1941 he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and trained as a navigator, being commissioned a Pilot Officer and travelling to the UK in May 1942. He was assigned to an Operational Training Unit and there crewed up with pilot Max Stephenson, wireless operator Albert Garshowitz (also Canadian), bomb aimer Don Hopkinson, and gunner Richard Bolitho; later Frank Garbas, another Canadian, and John Kinnear were added to the crew. When ready for operations, they were posted to 9 Squadron, but before they could fly an operation their pilot, Stephenson, was killed flying an introductory mission as a flight engineer with an experienced pilot. The six were then sent to 57 Squadron, where they joined pilot Bill Astell as a Lancaster crew in January 1943. After flying several operations, they were assigned to 617 Squadron, and on the night of May 16/17 1943, their aircraft was engaged by flak, damaged, and collided with a high tension pylon. All seven crewmen were killed. ...more info

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