Foster Colvin & family, KY Salyer family photo
K Clow

Foster Colvin & family, KY

Foster Colvin and family, of Johnson County, Kentucky.

Pictured: Hobart Colvin, Dorce Colvin,
Foster Colvin, Chloe (Salyer) Colvin, Junior Colvin, Virgie Salyer, and Cecil Colvin

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Photo taken at Johnson Co. County, Kentucky
Foster Colvin & family, KY

Hobart Colvin

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Hobart Colvin  ·  Dorce Colvin  ·  Foster Colvin  ·  Chloe (Salyer) Colvin  ·  Junior Colvin  ·  Virgie Salyer  ·  Cecil Colvin