Frank Barilone Baker family photo
Gina Baker

Frank Barilone

A photo of Frank Barilone and Gina Baker.

About Frank Barilone

FRANK BARILONE SR. was an incredible Man full of love and a truly giving heart. He was also a Man haunted by DEMONS that were not his to carry, shame is the one who leaves a burden fit for a thousand warriors on the shoulders of a sweet fragille child. Frank grew weary and one of the last things he said to me was " I want you to know that I feel your love like i've never felt love before" In retrospect, I should have stayed by his side night & day till the overwhelming sadness passed. I look at his photographs and I smile then cry and I hear this Man apologize that his peace cost me mine. The decendants and next of kin he leaves have for the most part turned out to be shameful and I cry for his pain, I GET IT NOW FRANKIE ...more info

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Frank Barilone

Frank Barilone

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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