Frank Jay Haynes, Palace Studio Car, Dakota

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Studio description for Frank Jay Haynes photography, Dakota: "Haynes Palace Studio Car, visits all cities on the Northern Pacific Railroad...branch studio, Yellowstone Park. Studio and Publishing House, Fargo. Duplicates and Crayon Portraits furnished from this cabinet any time. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, Dakota."
F. Jay Haynes was born October 28, 1853 in Saline, Michigan to Levi Merchant & Caroline Oliphant. After aprrenticing in a photo studio, Jay started his own business in 1876. He married Lily Snyder in 1878.
Haynes became best known as the official photographer for the Northern Pacific Railway and Yellowstone National Park. Mount Haynes in Yellowstone was named after him. He was also well-known for the railroad studio car that he moved from town to town, using for his photography business. Frank Jay Haynes died March 10, 1921 in St. Paul, Minnesota.
in North Dakota USA


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