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A photo of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944. You can see in this photo the toll the war was taking on the President. I'm not sure what speech this was or the exact date. This is an unpublished photo by Henry T. Garrett.
in Washington, D.C. USA


Janice Henry This could of been FDR's last State of the Union address on January 11, 1944 which was six months before D-Day. Plus, while still in office, FDR died exactly 13 months and one day after this State of the Union speech. FDR died while still in office on April 12, 1945.
Sep 14, 2011 · Reply
Neill Augustine Could HAVE been. Why does everyone write the contraction of "could have - could've" as could OF?
Sure, it sounds like could OF, but that's a V sound, not the OF sound at the end.
Jul 11 · Reply
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