Freda Ede & Haynes Hyder Ede family photo
Nancy Hyder

Freda Ede & Haynes Hyder

A photo of Freda Ede and Haynes Hyder circa the 1920's?

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Freda and Haynes were married on December 4, 1924 in Lacomb, OR. They had two sons, Glenn and Ray.
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Photo taken at Lacomb, Linn County, OR 97355
Freda Ede & Haynes Hyder

Haynes Carriger Hyder

Born: Apr 4, 1899 in TN
Died: Apr 26, 1934 (age 35) in Lacomb, OR
Also in this photo: Haynes Carriger Hyder at 25 years old  ·  Freda Ede at 20 years old