Frederick Bodishbaugh's Family Bodishbaugh family photo
Sue Bodishbaugh

Frederick Bodishbaugh's Family

The family of Frederick Bodishbaugh gathers around his portrait, shortly after his death 15 Jan 1888.

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Photo taken at Grayville White, IL USA on
Frederick Bodishbaugh's Family

Mary A. "Mollie" Bodishbaugh

Born: Jan 10, 1870
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Mary A. "Mollie" Bodishbaugh at 18 years old  ·  Alice Rebecca Bodishbaugh at 4 years old  ·  Anthony M. "Tony" Bodishbaugh at 3 years old  ·  Rosa Bodishbaugh at 8 years old  ·  Charles Frederick "Charley" Bodishbaugh at 18 years old  ·  Catherine "Kate" Bodishbaugh at 34 years old  ·  John William Bodishbaugh at 15 years old  ·  Ida M Bodishbaugh at 9 years old