Funeral Wright family photo
Mary Acito


Susan Priscilla Harrell's funeral.
First row is Grandpa William Perry Harrell, Laura Ola Harrel, Willie Harrell Pease,the little girl is Jean Wright, daughter of Ola Harrell & Everett Wright , the woman looking to her left behind them is Ella Harrell Wright. I believe the woman between Grandpa andOla is Mattie Harrell Henard . In the background can be seen Luther Henard (dark hair, heavyset) almost directly behind Grandpa, Ted Harrell (behind white hat)and Guy Harrell to his left. Also William Wright (husband of Ella)right behind and looking over Ted's shoulder. The man on the right of the picture, pointing to Ella, is Charlie Harrell. ... show more

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Larry Harrell Irene, Who is the little girl out front of Row #1?
Reply posted Mar 01, 2011 7:25 pm