Gallen(?) Wedding

Taken at James Berry Logan farm, Lawrence County, Missouri USA in .

From back of photo:
Grandpa Logan and Grandma's
Gollen(hard to read) Wedding
left to right
Youngest to oldest
Aunt Fannie Robinson (I show Frances E. Logan 1858-1953 married Frank Rogers)
Aunt Oma Carney (Naomah G.Logan married Columbus Carney)
Aunt Nannie Rogers (I have Nancy Logan married William B. Williams)
Uncle Newt Logan (Newton N. Logan)
Mother - Mollie Turrentine (Mollie Adelaide Logan 1864-1942 married Martin F. Turrentine)
Grandma Logan - Mary (Mary Jane Williams 1837-1918)
Grandpa Logan - Jim (James Berry Logan 1836-1909)
Aunt Susie Moss/Homer's mother (Susan Permelia Logan 1857-1927 married John G. Moss)
Aunt Lucy Carney (Lucy A. Logan 1862-1942 married Thomas Wiley Carney
Uncle Bill Logan-Mary Todd's Grandfather (William A. Logan)

My records do not agree with this, but appears this was written yars after the fact.

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