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From back of photo:
Grandpa Logan and Grandma's
Gollen(hard to read) Wedding
left to right
Youngest to oldest
Aunt Fannie Robinson (I show Frances E. Logan 1858-1953 married Frank Rogers)
Aunt Oma Carney (Naomah G.Logan married Columbus Carney)
Aunt Nannie Rogers (I have Nancy Logan married William B. Williams)
Uncle Newt Logan (Newton N. Logan)
Mother - Mollie Turrentine (Mollie Adelaide Logan 1864-1942 married Martin F. Turrentine)
Grandma Logan - Mary (Mary Jane Williams 1837-1918)
Grandpa Logan - Jim (James Berry Logan 1836-1909)
Aunt Susie Moss/Homer's mother (Susan Permelia Logan 1857-1927 married John G. Moss)
Aunt Lucy Carney (Lucy A. Logan 1862-1942 married Thomas Wiley Carney
Uncle Bill Logan-Mary Todd's Grandfather (William A. Logan)

My records do not agree with this, but appears this was written yars after the fact.
at James Berry Logan farm, Lawrence County, Missouri USA


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