Gardner Family of Texas-New Mexico

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Found among my Grandfather, Charles Gilbert Gardner's photos. Do you recognize any of these people? One man, third from right at top looks like my Gardner family men. My GARDNER ancestors are, Thomas Jefferson Gardner, Robert Warren Gardner & John Martin Gardner.
Thomas came from Georgia to Alabama,
The rest lived in Navarro Co, Comanche Co, Hood Co, Throckmorton Co., TEXAS and Dona Ana Co., Luna Co., Grant Co., NEW MEXICO.

Mystery: This photo belonged to my grandfather and the only one in photo that looks familiar to me is the man at the top, third from right. He looks just like my grandfather in the face and his father but it isn't either one of them. Does anyone recognize any of these people?
in Texas USA


Roger Gardner Was Charles the son of Joseph T. Gardner and Julia Ann Harmon?
Jun 01, 2007 · Reply
K T Charles was not the son of Joseph and Julia. He was the son of John Martin Gardner and Nora Ellen Ellis.
Nov 15, 2007 · Reply
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