Garrett family 1960 Garrett family photo
Thomas Welton

Garrett family 1960

Lilly Garrett Brown, Grace Garrett Koy,
Unknown wife of, Jimmy L. "Bud" Garrett In front of "Buds" House in Texas

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Sherry Munsinger The unknown lady in the picture by Uncle Bud Garrett is Bessie Roonie Anderson born September 25, 1899 in Telephone, Fannin County, Texas. She should be about 61 yrs old. I visited that home many times in my past. Loved my Uncle Bud. In the 1920 Census you will find them living by her parents with Uncle Bud in Freestone County, Texas. On the Property with them is her brother Andy and Pearl Anderson. She is Cherokee Indian, Irish, and Swede.
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Photo taken at Jimmy L. "Bud" Garretts house, Oakwood, Leon Co., Texas on
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