Garrison School class 1967-68, gr4/5, named Kinkaid family photo
Natalia Unknown

Garrison School class 1967-68, gr4/5, named

This is a class from Garrison School, 19-. The teachers are Miss Kinkaid (dark hair) and Nettie Thompson. Please see the other photos I've posted with the same teacher/s at the same school, different years (look under special collections, School Days). Two are id.ed as 4th and 5th grades, so I presume the others are also due to same teachers. I have posted all the names below, starting with front row left to right, then back row. This photo was part of a lot of photos received from a person in Kansas, who got them from another person who collected them from numerous estate sales throughout Kansas and Oklahoma.

I did a web search for a Garrison School in Kansas or Oklahoma and there seem to be several. I have written to one. There are also others across the US and Canada. I can't guarantee which one it might be. If anyone can tell me, I would be delighted. I hope the names will give a clue to someone. Also, it may be in the same district or county as a “Cleaveland School” which is mentioned on one of the class photos.
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The Mystery

(Mystery is where the school is located)

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Garrison School class 1967-68, gr4/5, named

Nettie Thompson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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