George Akers McKinney Sr. with ???

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George Akers McKinney (5 Sep 1881 – 15 May 1972), possibly with his 2nd wife Mary ?, and 2 unknown babies

Mystery: Can anyone tell me who the lady is with George (Akers) McKinney? Also, who are the babies/twins? Thank you!


Sarah Hitzfelder Mom said that is definitely Gradma Mary and said the babies are family but she can't remember the names. She said to ask Aunt Joyce and was surprised your father in law didn't know
Mar 10, 2009 · Reply
Sarah Hitzfelder Oh and they are not twins, she wants to say it was Uncle Terry And cousin Debbie.. check that with Aunt Joyce. She thinks that Grandma Nora told her that.
Mar 10, 2009 · Reply
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