George Getter, wife and sisters

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This picture in a photo album patented in 1861 and 1865. Photo actually taken by Mrs. R.A. Smith, No. 3 So. Hanover Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. George and Mary (Kendig) Getter and family resided in Carlisle area. Brother, Philip, who married Harriette Goodman Byers, resided at Newburg. Parents were George Gottier and Elizabeth Zimmerman who emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine, France/Germany.
George and Philip were taken from Baltimore Alms House about 1828 to Cumberland County at ages 10 and 12 approximately by Mr. Au. Father had died shortly after arriving in America.
Looking for any information on the sisters.(One married Mr. Wolfe, another to Mr. Hyde)- thought that have been in area of Virginia. Younger woman in photo is Jennie Stevick.
in Carlisle, Pennsylvania USA


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