George Granville (SR) and Betsy Hillard Short

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George Granville Short and Betsy Hilliard Short were born to Charles Lewis Short and Bessie Perkins Hilliard in Newburyport.

George was born 30 Nov 1910 and Betsy was born 13 April 1905.

George graduated from Newburyport High School and joined the Navy during WWII. He married Carolyn Heard Peatfield in 1931.

He was a Silversmith for 30 years at Towle Silversmiths Co on Merrimac St in Newburyport. He also worked on farms as a young man and owned his own small farm in Byfield, MA for 30 years. He had 2 sons, George Jr and Russell Hammond Short.

Betsy graduated from Newburyport Schools, and Simmons College. she was an office manager at Dana, Bingham and Gould Law Firm in Boston for 40 years. She made her home in Wrentham, MA. Never married.
in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts USA


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