George N. Barnard, Photographer

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Photo addressed to "Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Frisian, July 9th, 1886".
The portrait was done by George N. Barnard in Painesville, Ohio. G.N. Barnard was born 1819 in Ct, and was considered a pioneer of photography for the nineteenth century. Some historians consider his photos of a grain elevator fire in 1853 to be the first news photography. Barnard also photographed President Lincoln's 1861 inauguration, and later became part of "Brady's Photographic Corps" taking photos of the Civil War, especially noted for a book he produced of Sherman's Campaign and the destruction of Atlanta. Barnard photographed the "Great Fire" in Chicago which also destroyed his studio there, and moved to Painesville, Ohio about 1884. He moved his family to Gadsden, Alabama about 1888, then on to Cedarvale, New York in the early 1890's. His work is found in the National Archives and Library of Congress. George N. Barnard died in 1902.
Photo card from in an antique store in Clovis, Ca. The man in the photo is unknown.
at G. N. Barnard, Photographer, Painesville, Ohio USA


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