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Found this photo in an antique shop in Santa Cruz, CA. Back of photo is handwritten: "Georgie W.A. Mace, age 4 months & 3 weeks...Moville, Iowa, December 7, 1899." After some researching, I found this 'baby' in the 1900 US Census, in Arlington Townshp, Woodbury Co., Iowa. George is the son of Ellis F. and Nellie Mace, born July 17th, 1899. This information was verified by his WWI Registration application, dated Spetember 12th, 1918. On the application George states that his middle name is 'William'and his nearest relative is his father, E.F. Mace, living in Moville, Woodbury Co., Iowa. Also located in the 1920 US Census in Arlington Twshp, Iowa. Living in household: E.F. Mace 45 (born in Iowa; wife Nellie, age 42; son George W., age 20; daughter Laura M., age 17; son Wrudel (?) age 9; daughter Muriel, age 12; daughter Ruth B., age 4 1/2.
These are not my relatives, and this is all the information that I have on them.
in Moville, Iowa USA


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