Gertie Firey & friends, IL Parks family photo
Marlene Gilpin Nickerson

Gertie Firey & friends, IL

Gertie Firey & friends, IL: The Happy Hour Club in Edinburg Illinois. In this picture: Sara Vigil, Elta Swigart, Laura Schleb, Vallie Easley, Neta Kaurauf, Leah williams, Nellie Hart, Birdie Morris, Una Reinhart, Maude Kaurauf, Alta Parks, Blanche Walahan, Gertie Firey, and Alice Hill. No date offered by the submitter. ... show more

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Gertie Firey & friends, IL

Sara Vigil

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Sara Vigil  ·  Elta Swigart  ·  Laura Schleb  ·  Neta Kaurauf  ·  Leah Williams  ·  Nellie Hart  ·  Birdie Morris  ·  Una Reinhart  ·  Alta Parks  ·  Blanche Walahan  ·  Gertie Firey  ·  Alice Hill  ·  Vallie Easley